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Rollin Blue BBQ

Pitmaster Rub Pack Trio by Rollin Blue BBQ

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Meet The Game-Changing Rubs That Will Have Your Neighborhood Lining Up At Your Door For The Next Cookout.

How to get perfect smoke pairing, crispier bark, mouthwatering flavor on every meat in your smoker, without stressing before your next cookout even if you just started smoking meat.

What’s In The Variety Pack Lineup?

PORK RUB: This Memphis Style rub is ribs, pork butt, and anything else your heart desires' best friend. Savory with a hint of spice that pairs perfectly with applewood or cherrywood on the smoker. Warning people have been known to put on another 10 lbs after they get their hands on this rub.

BEEF RUB: This Beef Rub is destined to make your brisket, dino ribs, and burgers mouthwatering with its sweet heat one-two punch flavor. Just enough sweet (1g sugar) to make that beef develop a beautiful bark and complimentary taste. Pairs with mesquite or pecan smoke. 

ALL PURPOSE RUB: NEVER lack flavor again! Absolute game-changer on chicken, pork, name it. This tangy, spicy, salty, savory seasoning does it all. Our personal favorite with this rub is beer can chicken *insert New Yorker accent* forget about it. Pairs the best with hickory or apple smoke.