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Rollin Blue BBQ

Magnetic Meat Temperature And Wood Smoking Guide (6in x 8 in)

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Master Temperature And Become A Pitmaster

  • MEAT TEMPERATURE GUIDE: Always have temperatures right by your side for Low n Slow BBQ, Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Game, and fish
  • WOOD SMOKING GUIDE: Over 20 wood and meat pairings and woods to avoid so you never have to wonder again.
  • A COMBINATION OF ART & SCIENCE: A true grill master knows the proper temperatures and smoke flavors to cook all meat types. The guide in information such as cooking temperatures, times, and smoking and grilling tips.
  • LARGE SIZE: Easy to ready size (6in x 8 in)
  • PERFECT MEAT TEMPERATURES EVERY TIME: Magnet works together with your digital thermometer probe for the perfect meat every time.
  • WATCH YOUR FAMILY’S EYES LIGHT UP: You know what I mean…nothing brings a family together more than enjoying barbeque that’s fresh off the grill. Make your meal simple so you can create even more family memories.