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Rollin Blue BBQ

Beef Rub

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  • CREATE MEMORIES AT YOUR NEXT BARBECUE | The Rollin Blue BBQ seasonings are designed for Pork, Beef and every meat in between so that you will have family and friends lining up at your smoker for seconds.
  • CRAFTED TO PAIR WITH SMOKE | Specially designed to pair with different types of smoke and meat so you can spend less time thinking about how to get the perfect flavor combination and more time spent relaxing with a cold one in hand.
  • CRISPY AND DELICIOUS BARK | Achieve crispy bark, a hallmark of any great pitmaster, with our special rub blends even if you struggled with achieving perfect bark before.
  • USA MADE = PURE INGREDIENTS | Our BBQ seasonings are proudly made in the US and are filled with natural, gluten-free, kosher, MSG-free, and GMO-free.
  • Perfect or Brisket Pitmasters who want to take their brisket to the next level